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Our innovative flow measurement and control equipment is used for various applications within many different markets. In addition to our standard product line, we provide tailor-made and complete fluid control solutions for OEM systems. Our Bronkhorst Solutions Group is dedicated to assist the end user in finding the optimum, customer-specific process configuration.

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Co-creation to improve your process

In addition to the extensive standard product range based on more than 35 years of experience and market driven innovation. Our Bronkhorst Solutions Group collaborates with customers to develop the best customized process measurement and control solution. This dedicated team of experienced design and development engineers is there to translate the unique requirements of our customers into a unique solution.

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Customized Flow Solutions - Co-creating Process

In this video, Bronkhorst, market leader in the field of low flow thermal and Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers, present their concept for customers requiring smart, integrated solutions for their gas, liquid or vapour flow processes.

Compact Multi-Channel Solutions for Mass Flow and Pressure

The FLEXI-FLOW concept offers the option of built-to-order designs for OEM customers, in which various multiple channels Mass Flow & Pressure Meters/Controllers are combined into one microfluidic system. The following functional modules can be configured into one compact sub-system: mass flow meter or controller, pressure meter or controller, shut-off valve, mixing chamber. Such a ”plug and perform” assembly ensures space efficiency, cost reduction and a minimum of potential leak points.

To learn more about this new multi-channel gas flow control solution, visit the FLEXI-FLOW product page.

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Gas, Liquid and Vapour Flow Skids

Following Step-By-Step Bronkhorst Solutions Method, and in a co-creating process with our client, Bronkhorst designs integrated flow solutions for gas, liquid and vapour flow. The purpose of this method is to create and build a 100% customised solution that fully meets the customer’s needs. The pre-tested skids or sub-systems guarantee a reduction of the time required for installation and testing time on-location.

Application story: Continuous dosing solution

Compact, modular sub-systems based on surface mount technology

Bronkhorst developed the FLOW-SMS series for customers who are looking for process gas panels with optimal space efficiency. On a compact, lightweight but still rugged mounting rail system one or more mass flow or pressure sensor modules can be combined with control valves, shut-off valves, mixing chambers, filters or any other functional module as per customer’s request. The modular concept of the FLOW-SMS system offers great flexibility for the end-user with respect to modifications and serviceability. The functional modules are ‘top-mount’, so they can easily be exchanged without removing the total assembly

To learn more about our FLOW-SMS series, visit the FLOW-SMS product page.

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Compact sub-systems on custom manifolds

Taking advantage of the modular concept of our standard product series, we can offer OEM customers compact and cost-effective combinations of functional components to measure or control the flow or pressure on a custom manifold. In addition to these standard components, we can integrate two- or three-way valves, shut-off valves, filters or any other functional module as per the customer’s request.

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Ultra-compact (miniature) sub-systems based on MEMS technology

The IQ+FLOW concept offers the option of bespoke designs for OEM customers, in which various functions are combined into one microfluidic system. The following functional modules can be integrated on a compact manifold: flow meter, pressure meter, control valve, shut-off valve, three-way valve, mixing chamber. The ”plug and perform” assembly ensures space efficiency, cost reduction and a minimum of potential leak points.

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Liquid dosing module

Gas Cabinets & Liquid Dosing Modules

Similar to the above mentioned Flow Skids, Bronkhorst can facilitate customers by integrating mass flow measurement and control equipment into boxes, modules or cabinets, designed in collaboration with our customers. Depending on the application, these space-efficient subsystems can be equipped with PLCs, pumps, filters, mixing chambers, etcetera. Also, the enclosure is subject to customers preferences, e.g. with optional polycarbonate window or protected against dust or water. Bronkhorst has gained a wealth of experience in the implementation of diverse customized solutions, for gas mixing and delivery applications, precise dosing of liquid chemicals or food additives, and many more.

Application story: Liquid mixing system for contact lenses

Volume flow meter with pump

Dosing solutions with pump

Bronkhorst has a strong reputation in dosing solutions with a flow meter / pump combination. The Bronkhorst Coriolis mass flow meters and ultrasonic volume flow meters have an integrated PID controller, this ensures a direct pump control. The flow meter uses a high frequency signal, which makes this way of controlling the pump much faster than the traditional way of pump control.
It's like a black box: You indicate your desired flow and the black box generates this flow for you, stable and with a high accuracy as well.

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