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Flow instruments for a stable gas flow control

Reliable & reproducible mass flow control

For (benchtop) bioreactor manufacturers we have compact gas flow instruments in our product portfolio that can provide you accurate, repeatable and a stable gas flow. As reduction in instruments is desirable for you, including short delivery times, we have pre-configured multi-parameter instruments available offering a large dynamic range.

To serve end customers well, we have an extended product portfolio available with gas flow instruments up to 6250 ln/min.

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Intelligent flow controllers for biopharma processes

As the processes in this market contain valuable content, it can be helpful to monitor the ‘health’ of your instruments, to ensure the continuity of the process. Such as: 

  • Detect temperature variation and measure the internal temperature of the instrument. 
  • Response alarm to help you monitor if the flow controller reaches and maintains its setpoint within the specified limits. 
  • Power-up alarm message & function to return; to directly return to the last know setpoint after a power failure. 
  • Measure & valve out; to detect changes in the setup over time.

'Smart' multi-parameter flow controller

What can Bronkhorst offer you?

  • Wide product range of gas flow instruments up to 11.000 m3n/h (6250 ln/min).
  • Worldwide support available for your yearly calibration requests.
  • On-site calibration service, field & remote support and commissioning  
  • More than 40 years experience in biopharma industry
  • Instrument with MTBF rating > 130 years

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Your benefits

  • Large dynamic flow range 1:1000; to enable model reduction
  • High accuracy for optimal control of your Air, N2, O2 and CO2 flows
  • High reliability to avoid downtime 
  • High reproducibility to ensure stable results
  • Logging of historical data


Read our customer stories to find out how our flow instruments are used in various customer applications. 

Flow control in Bioreactor application

Gas flow control for benchtop bioreactors

Gas flow control for benchtop bioreactors using FLEXI-FLOW GAS mass flow controllers. For wide dynamic flow range & high repeatability. Read more!

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Gas dosing in bioreactors

Gas flow controllers play an important role in benchtop & industrial Bioreactor applications. Read our customer story about the use of IQ+FLOW flow controllers in a Bioreactor application for bacterial growth.

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Flow control for microorganism growth

Flow control for optimising growth of microorganisms

Flow control is used for microorganism’s research at a German research institute. Direct pump control guarantees an accurate & steady flow of aqueous liquid.

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Need help?

Do you need help selecting the right flow meter for your application? Check our 'beginners' guide' or contact us for more information. 

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