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We supply accurate and fast response gas flow meters and pressure controllers for your gas and liquid chromatography systems (GC, HPLC, UHPLC), inductively coupled plasma systems (ICP-AES) and we can help you to mix blend or dilute gases or vapours.

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Flow controller in ICP analysis

Flow controllers for ICP analysis

An application story explaining how customised manifold flow solutions are used for the supply of gases in ICP analysis (ICP-AES) for environmental analysis.

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Mass flow controller for calibrating gas chromatographs

Flow controllers to create gas mixture for calibrating chromatographs

Mass Flow Controllers can help you in calibrating chromatographs when using your own gas mixtures. ✓Improved accuracy ✓Good flexibility. Read more!

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Mass flow control in analytical equipment

Stable gas flow control for analytical instruments

Read more about stable gas flow control for analytical instruments using our FLEXI-FLOW GAS mass flow controllers. For long-term flow control, fast switching of gases and wide gas compatibility.

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Taking soil samples in combustion analysis

Flow control in combustion analysis

For an OEM manufacturer of elemental analysis equipment Bronkhorst supplied mass flow controllers for an accurate & reproducible flow control of gases for combustion ovens. 

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Flow Controllers in Gas Chromatography

Read more about how compact gas flow controllers (IQ+FLOW series) are used in Gas Chromatography applications. ✔Compact ✔ Accurate

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indoor air quality

Air flow controller for air analysis device

Bronkhorst air flow controllers are use in an indoor air analysis device for BTEX analysis and VOC analysis for an accurate flow measurement and short response time.

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