FLUICAL® calibration software

Bronkhorst developed the FLUICAL® calibration software for the calibration of our Mass Flow Meters and Controllers for gases. The program is basically a Microsoft Excel worksheet with a fixed layout, communicating with FLOW-BUS, using FlowDDE interfacing software. The open structure allows the user to customize the worksheet layout as well as the certificate layout. To take full advantage of the software, we recommend our customers to follow a training course at Bronkhorst headquarters or a distributor's office.

There are two options:

Basic version
Bronkhorst® customers can apply for a basic version of FLUICAL® that contains a table with fixed conversion factors of nearly 100 gases. Registered users of Fluidat on the Net can use fluid data and/or conversion data provided by this facility in FLUICAL®

Licensed version
This option includes the use of a dongle that gives access to the FLUIDAT® database, allowing the user to easily calculate fluid data and/or conversion data for variable operating conditions.

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Calibration Equipment
FLUICAL® calibration software can be used in combination with any gas mass flow calibration device/system available. However, using Bronkhorst® digital calibration equipment or reference instruments will reduce the time spent on manual data processing. For information about our FLUICAL® calibration equipment click here