For on-site calibration check of flow or pressure meters/controllers

Bronkhorst High-Tech have developed a portable calibration system to meet the increasing demands of users of measurement and control equipment within the ISO-9000 quality control system. The FLUICAL™ Portable Calibrator offers great flexibility thanks to its modular design. Its accuracy is traceable to national standards. As an option, we can offer an ISO17025 certification for FLUICAL™ portable flow calibrators.

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On site calibration with portable calibrator
Portable calibrator for on-site calibration

Portable Calibrators for on-site calibration

The Bronkhorst FLUICAL portable calibrator is a light weight case with a carrying handle, containing a number of modules with accurately calibrated digital mass flow or pressure measuring devices. The number of channels and the flow ranges are on customer's specification.

The FLUICAL Portable Calibrator enables the user to perform on site calibration check of flow meters/controllers as well as pressure transducers/controllers. The instrument to be checked is hooked up to the measuring module selected, and then the actual flow or pressure of the instrument is compared with the results of this module.

FLUICAL Portable Calibrators are equipped with a Bronkhorst series E-8000 digital readout and control module. This module has one or two colour TFT displays for indication of measured values and a push button menu for easy change of the various settings. The calibrators have standard FLOW-BUS connection for digital communication. As an option, they can also be equipped with a field interface.

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What is On-Site calibration?

Onsite calibration of flow instruments is the process of verifying and adjusting the accuracy of flow instruments at their installation location. This approach eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming dismantling and transport of the instruments to a calibration lab. The calibration process involves comparing the actual flow rate with the instrument's measurement to determine any discrepancies and adjusting the instrument settings to improve its accuracy.
Onsite calibration offers several benefits, including minimal disruption to operations, reduced downtime, and increased productivity. Additionally, it provides a more accurate representation of the flow measurement system's performance, considering the installation location's unique factors. Overall, onsite calibration of flow instruments is a convenient and cost-effective approach that ensures reliable and accurate measurements, ultimately improving process efficiency and reducing operating costs.
To perform onsite calibration of mass flow devices, clients must possess a calibration setup that includes a set of reference mass flow devices that have already been calibrated and have the appropriate flow capacity. Get in touch with our Service team to find out more and book an on-site calibration.

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